Researchers have conducted several studies on how people can continue smoking without leaving any harmful effects in their body as well to prevent the passing of second-hand smoke, this leads to the creation of electronic cigarettes, as an alternative to traditional smoking.

How safe are they?
Though it’s not completely safe, it’s considered less dangerous compared to traditional cigarettes. Some of these devices contain nicotine, and some don’t.Unlike the traditional cigarettes wherein the nicotine content is fixed, the ones contained in these devices can be adjusted to a certain level according to the user’s preferences.

We all know that traditional smoking is the primary suspect for lung cancer, especially the smoke it produces (second-hand smoke). This devicedoes not release any smoke, tar, or ash.Instead, it releases vapor, therefore there is no production of second-hand smoke. The eliquid inside does not burn, thus no toxins are produced in the air and the danger it produces is very low.

There’s a chance for these devices to cause physical harm, some reports have shown that the lithium-ion batteries can blow up and injure the person using it. This is due to overheating or overcharging the batteries. Though most of these incidents are caused by devices sold at unlicensed or unauthorized shops that sell it cheaper. It’s important to know that when you buy electronic cigarettes, you must check if it’s sold by licensed shops and passed quality control.It’s also important to keep this device away from children, especially the eliquidssince most of the flavors are attractive to kids like strawberry or bubblegum.

Keep in mind thatthese devices might not be a hundred percent safe but it’s still a safer alternative compared to what is traditionally used and less dangerous compared to smoking traditional cigarettes, so there’s nothing to fear.