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Ranking The Best Tankless Water Heaters

Are you planning to buy a water heater but can’t decide which one is the best? Worry no more because according to, here are their top choices when it comes to tankless water heaters:

Best water heaters

  • Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Water Heater – if you are tired of waiting in line to the shower just because you are waiting for the water to get heated, then it is time to get your old water heater away and get the modern one as well and this product is one of the best because it can be installed easily. All you have to do is mount it on the wall, connect the water pipes, and plug the electric cable. Now you have a continuous flow of hot water for your family
  • Ecosmart ECO 18 Tankless Water Heater – this heater can heat 2.5 gallons of water every minute, making it a very efficient water heater. Aside from that it is also energy saving because it has a low decibel. It works accordingly without hassling you and your family
  • Ariston GL2.5 Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater – according to, there is a lot to like about this model because its small size ensures that you can install it anywhere in your house and you won’t need to worry about the unit getting in your way or taking up too much space. The interior is lined with glass so it will last for a very long time
  • Rinnai RL94iP Propane Tankless Water Heater – this unit is one of the best because it is sleek. It can also be easily installed anywhere and would still look fabulous and you can adjust the temperature of the water
  • Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater – even if this product is lightweight, it is still capable of delivering a good amount of heated water to your family. Also, since the energy factor is very low, you are assured that your electric bill won’t suffer.

The Best Materials, The Best Prices: Kitchen Worktops Direct

There are many different types of kitchen worktop materials to choose from. They all offer advantages but because there are many of them, one might get pretty confused and take too much time selecting. The best way to cut down time when shopping for the greatest kitchen top that works up to specification is to actually deal with one supplier that gives you access to kitchen worktops direct from manufacturers.

How to pick the right source

The right supplier should be able to give you a wide array of choices at the greatest possible deals and would also be able to give you accurate descriptions to ensure that you get the best worktop that fits every specification that you have in mind. Also, when it comes to choices, experts like BKK Direct should be able to give you tops of different make and they would come in any of the most popular choices such as:

  • Granite – they come in big slabs that you can cut to custom shapes and sizes to make a seamless finish to your worktops. They are also a popular choice because they last for years and years and would still hardly show visible signs of wear and tear.
  • Tiles – are a cost effective solution and can come in a great variety of designs and textures. Make sure that very good care is given to your tile workspace as it can be pretty prone to scratches, cracking and chips.
  • Stainless Steel – is a popular choice as it is as heavy-duty as it is effective. For those who do not have a problem with the industrial look and feel, this may be the perfect solution for your kitchen top needs.


Opt for the one that offers kitchen worktops direct from the makes themselves. You do away with plenty of middlemen that add cost upon cost upon cost. Go for the supplier who can give you a wide set to select from and offer their products as closest as possible to manufacturers’ prices.