When searching for used spare parts to extend the life of your ride for at least a couple of years more, you’re dealt with a mixed bag. On one hand, you can get lucky and get practically good-as-new used car parts from a donor car of the small make and model as the recipient car. If you’re unlucky, you might end up paying for a part handled by overzealous car breakers, resulting in internal damage and a waste of a few hundred bucks. You should only deal with duly licensed metal scrappers and salvagers because otherwise, your black market car breakers are likely to gyp you off of your hard-earned cash without any repercussions for doing so (because they have no licenses to lose if you were to file a complaint against them).

Avoid Fly-by-Night Outfits

  • You should avoid fly-by-night salvagers who claim to sell you something cheap, only for you to find out you can get something of higher quality and in brand-new condition from the aftermarket industry. You can get these parts from an online salvage auction or through certain sites on the net that specifically and exclusively sell used parts from all over the globe. Make sure to only patronize sellers with complete histories on their car part offerings.
  • This way, you know what you’re going to get when attempting to fit a part into your damage-repairable vehicle. One thing for certain, no one in their right mind would pay for used parts in order to modify and customize their ride unless it’s a prank they’re issuing against someone else’s car. A used part is known to be an unstable yet cheap investment. As a safe rule of thumb, factory parts are better and comparable to OEM replacement parts.
  • It’s kind of like buying something that’s Made in China. There’s an inherent risk involved, you could get something good and long-lasting, but you will have to face the inevitability of acquiring something low-grade and easy to break sooner or later. The best car part salvagers have such an extensive salvage collection they could service over 2,000 cars ranging from 2011 Porsches to 1991 Polos.